My name is Mara and welcome to a couple bite-sized pieces of my life. 🙂hello

It’s been cloudy and rainy for the past few days where I am.  At times like these, I just want to curl up under my comforter and laze about.  But lazing about has made me restless. And from there, I had the urge to start something new.  Or somewhat new. It’s been years since I’ve tried blogging since I’m practically a social media hermit.  My earliest attempts were the sporadic rantings of a silly pre-teen.  My art blog in college didn’t last very long after I got buried under school work.  Tumblr is my version of instant gratification blogging and so my blog there is a stream of funny gifs, pretty illustrations, and all the egg recipes that happen to pop up my dashboard.

Which brings me here for a blogging do-over.

Now that I have an inkling of clarity, I want to try blogging for several reasons.  I want something to work on.  I want to see my progress as I find fun with art again.  I want a place to share some of my interests and adventures. Hmm… okay but to be real though, this blog will probably end up filled with silly things. XD


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