A Zombie Baby Shower and Fantasy People


It was a twofer at Gallery Nucleus this past weekend!  Downstairs at the main space is an exhibit for Zombies in Love 2+1 with Scott C’s  absolutely adorable illustrations for the book.  Upstairs at the atrium is a second exhibit showcasing Sam Bosma’s Fantasy Sports No.1 and his fantastic series of fantasy themed characters.

zil2book          fantasysportsbook

Zombie In Love Pg 1-2 by Scott C


Scott C doing a demo

Zombie in Love 2+1 follows the next chapter in Mortimer and Mildred’s undead lives after they find a baby on their doorstep.  It’s cute, sweet, and Scott’s illustrations always bring a smile to my face.

Fantasy Sports is Sam Bosma’s debut graphic novel about Wiz-Kid and Mean Mug’s adventures in tomb raiding and basketball.  I still have to finish reading it but so far, it’s clever, funny, and an adventure in itself!


Fantasy Sports Print by Sam Bosma

Duelist by Sam Bosma

Duelist by Sam Bosma

Saturday was packed with plenty of things.  During the afternoon, Sam Bosma held a workshop about world building and his illustration process. The room was pretty packed and I didn’t have time to sneak a peak with preparations for the night.  In the evening, the main floor hosted a zombie themed baby shower and people were encouraged to dress up as zombies.  Scott did a reading, there were baby shower games, and some refreshments. Sam and Scott also sat down to do a signing for their work. I snagged some pins and asked Scott for a zombiefied portrait! 😀

I got a zombified portrait from Scott! :D


Ghost and bats baby mobile!

Both exhibits will be up until August 9, 2015 and they are also viewable on the Nucleus site (or click here for the event pages: Zombie in Love 2+1 and Sam Bosma’s Fantasy Sports and Solo).  If you happen to be around Alhambra, California, you should definitely stop by and check them out in person!


6 thoughts on “A Zombie Baby Shower and Fantasy People

    • I read the physical copy of it while I was at the gallery. I’m not sure if there is a digital version of it up online. But almost all of the pages are up on the Nucleus site just without the words!


  1. To be honest, Fantasy Sports looks kind of scary? Hahahahaha, the drawing of the cover and characters are interesting but if it’s good, I probably will get over it.

    Still, this is pretty cool. Glad you were able to go to something like this.


    • It actually wasn’t scary at all! 😀 The skeletons were surprisingly cute and if you liked Scott Pilgrim vs. the World, I think it’s worth checking out!


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