My Favorite Things: August 2015

I can’t believe July came and went like it was nothing.  Now that August is here, it’s time to join in the fun with Raisa’s and Eirene’s link-up: “My Favorite Things”.  This post also ended up much longer than I anticipated ^^; So here are a few of my favorites, in no particular order 😀

Aziz Ansari’s Modern Romance

azizbook Aziz Ansari is one of my favorite comedians.  And if you’ve seen some of his stand-up, the subject of the book is a familiar one: modern romance.  Now this isn’t your typical humor book.  Modern Romance is more so a sociological study with an extra side of wit. This book brings a little insight into what the dating struggles are like these days. Aziz Ansari partnered up with NYU sociologist Eric Klinenberg to design and conduct a study on modern romance with the constant change in technology and the ever growing presence of social media.  It’s a large topic to cover in 300 pages but I think they did pretty well with what they narrowed their research down to.

Since I tend to multitask, I opted for the six hour audiobook while I worked one day.  Being able to hear Ansari’s delivery with the jokes in the book was great but I did miss out on some informative graphs and pictures.  I’ll have to read the book one of these days to see them.

S’mores Dip


Please sir, can I have s’more? 😀

In anticipation for my monthly shark week, my sweet tooth called! This month’s cravings came courtesy of PopSugarFood’s Youtube channel.  The recipe is simple and easy to customize to your taste. I didn’t have a skillet so I used a ceramic baking dish and it worked out fine.  I also swapped out PopSugar’s version with peanut butter cups for some rich dark chocolate. Yuuuummmy!

San Diego Comic-Con 2015


Mad Max: Fury Road cosplay!

Ohhhhh Comic-Con! When my boss offered me the chance to go with them, I jumped for it.  I was there for two days but those two days were so packed that it was more than enough for me.  I worked inside the convention center for one day then spent the next exploring the many sights outside.  I wish I took more pictures but I tend do to forget when there’s so much to see and do!


I took a “Leap of Faith” at the Assasin’s Creed Syndicate booth and got a Google Cardboard from Legendary.

Comic-Con keeps growing bigger and bigger. Passes for the actual convention have gotten pretty pricey over the past decade but now, there are a number of free attractions outside the convention center as well! My friends and I stopped by Petco Park where Nerdist, Geek & Sundry, and Amy Poehler’s Smart Girls teamed up for the Nerdist Conival. There were attractions for Game of Thrones, Assassin’s Creed, and even a giant blow-up Snoopy house where I heard you can go pet puppies.  There were a lot of free promotional freebies like ice cream, key chains, tote bags, and more. One of the giveaways I enjoyed was the Google Cardboard from Legendary.  You just download an app on your phone, put it in the box, and enjoy a small taste of virtual reality!

Steven Universe

Steven Universe is about a boy who is learning how to use his powers to help protect the world with his guardians, the Crystal Gems.  The show starts out cute and funny but then delves deeper as the series progresses. And boy does this show pull at your heartstrings at times!  It has a diverse cast, different family groups, some form of LGBT representation, catchy music, pretty production design, and so much more.  If you’re a fan of 90s anime, you’ll enjoy catching the occasional Utena reference in there too!

I didn’t know what I was missing when Steven Universe first came out.  But when we had an event at work for it, I checked it out in anticipation.  Three hours later, I was hooked.  Since the show is relatively short (about 11 minutes per episode), I usually wait for episodes to pile up before pulling a mini-marathon.

One of my favorite Gem fusions, Sardonyx, has that rich anime girl laugh! XD     (repost from my doodle tumblr)



Portrait study

I kinda miss doing animation but it’s a lot of time and effort that I don’t have right now.  But making GIF art is like the perfect compromise!  With the popularity of GIFs on the rise, there are a number of brilliant artists out there who definitely take GIF art to the next level.  I thought I’d give it a try in order to brush up on my Photoshop and Flash skills.  So far, I am incredibly rusty but I am enjoying the process. As they say, with practice comes progress! XD

So that’s it for now!  I’m looking forward to seeing everybody’s favorites this month 😀  If you’d like to join the link-up or check out what everyone else is up to, head on over to Raisa’s or Eirene’s blog for the deets!

My Favorite Things: A Blog Linkup


6 thoughts on “My Favorite Things: August 2015

  1. That GIF is so pretty! Are you going to post more of your practice gifs? Thanks for joining the linkup bb <333~~~

    Also, I'm downloading Modern Romance as I type this since it's on Scribd. I'm really excited to listen to it!


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