My Favorite Things: September 2015

August was filled with hot and humid days that I felt like I was melting in the car each time I had to go somewhere.  My car AC is broken and so the struggle of wearing shorts, having leather seats, and sitting through traffic lead to a constant dehydration after sweating out most of my water.  Just as Edward Bloom said in the movie Big Fish, “I was drying out.” :’D

Summer is finally winding down and so while I enjoy the temporary reprieve from the heat, here are a few of My Favorite Things from the past month!

Kingdom of Dreams and Madness

Kingdom of Dreams and Madness is a documentary that gives you an inside look into Studio Ghibli’s history and Miyazaki’s animation process.  I have been a long time fan both and so I was really excited to see this up on Netflix.  This was filmed during the making of The Wind Rises and so there are some spoilers for that if you haven’t seen that yet.

The Passion Planner


I learned about the Passion Planner from one of my friends last year when it was in its Kickstarter phase.  What’s unique about it is you have a place where you can prioritize your tasks and a space for reflection as well!  I really like how each day has a time slot that goes from 6 am – 10:30 pm, separated in half hours.  There’s a spot at the top of each day to note what you want today’s focus to be.  There is also a box on the side where you can write down some of the good things that happened to you during the week.  I also enjoy the space for notes/doodles/etc.  I usually utilize that space with sticky notes that I move from week to week for ongoing tasks.  Since I’ve been busy with a couple different projects this past month, the Passion Planner helps keep me organized with what needs to be done and separate my work to do’s from my personal to do’s.

And guess what?  The undated PDF is FREE online so you can print your own Passion Planner!  I just printed out a bunch of these back to back, folded them, and stapled them together.  I keep it in a portable padfolio that I got a long time ago and I use an elastic headband to keep it secure while also keeping the current date marked.  Eventually, I want to get a physical copy since I think they’re worth investing in.  I’ll probably buy an undated one when I finish my current planner.  Goodness knows how many planners I’ve had that have gone to waste because their dates have long gone and passed.

Dancing Pikachus

Seriously.  Just watch and enjoy!


If you saw my last blog post, then you’ve seen my growing collection of succulents.  Of course when I found out about Viridi, my succulent collection had to continue on to the digital world XD

viridi_starterpot   viridi_singing

Viridi is kind of like having a Tamagotchi but with succulents.  You start a pot with a couple of seeds, water them, then wait for them to grow.  There is a cute snail to keep them company and you can even “sing” to them!  Unlike real plants, they’ll tell you when they’re thirsty or overwatered.  You can even learn more about what kind of plant they are and where they came from.  Every week, you can get a free random seedling and if you want to expand your garden, you can buy more seedlings for just a couple of cents.  The game has a really sweet and peaceful soundtrack so sometimes I just let it run in the background just to listen to it.  Your plants grow in “real” time so don’t expect them to go through a huge growth spurt as soon as you water them.  Singing to your plants does seem to help boost their growth.  I forgot to switch out which plant I was singing to and I came back to it bigger than its friends!

Viridi is a nice game to relax to, available for Mac or PC, and you can get it for free on Steam!


I named my container garden Truman.  You can even name the individual plants.  Look at how much they have grown in the past week! 😀 ❤

Got any faves from this past month?  Why don’t you join us on Raisa and Eirene’s “My Favorite Things” link up?  Tara is guest hosting this month and so head on over to her page to see what other favorites people have to share.  I look forward to seeing what you guys enjoyed this past month 🙂

My Favorite Things: A Blog Linkup


16 thoughts on “My Favorite Things: September 2015

  1. Okay, I love the concept of Viridi! I’d love it more if it were available on smartphones since I’m horrible with PC gaming XD

    And wow, I do like the concept of that planner! It definitely sounds more unique than your usual planners. Plus, the pages are printable and free, so those are always win!

    Finally, the dancing Pikachus, BWAHAHAHAHAHA! What a way to face my Sunday morning with a silly smile on my face 😀


    • Viridi is really just a point and click game with cute plants and music. But a mobile version of it would be great! I’d probably hover over my plants way more than I should if it was XD

      I really like how the Passion Planner came about and the other side projects they’ve started up too. There’s a personal touch about it that made me enjoy it more than just your regular planner.

      And I’m glad the dancing Pikachus brightened up your day! XD


  2. Viridi is so cute! I somehow was able to kill my succulent so it would be nice to be told when it needs something 😛

    I feel so sorry for the people in the pikachu suits. They must be sweltering in there!

    The planner is a great idea. I’m so bad at using them but feel like my bf, who has a thousand things he wants to do at once, could find some use from it so I might link it to him 🙂

    and lastly, I understand your sweaty car dilemma, leather seats in summer are not fun!


    • Speaking from previous work experience, I totally relate to those dancing pikachus XD

      I hope your boyfriend finds it useful! I’m usually terrible with planners too but having printable pages with fill-in dates suits my inconsistent need for it.

      We have another heat wave coming in this week and I am not looking forward to that drive :’D


  3. I’m a big fan of Miyazaki’s work- heck, basically Studio Ghibli!! 🙂 I can’t believe I’ve never heard of that documentary. I will definitely check it out AFTER I see “The Wind Rises” (which I cannot believe I haven’t watched yet).

    Just out of curiosity, what’s your favorite Studio Ghibli movie? 🙂


    • I still have to watch “The Wind Rises” too! They make references to “The Tale of Princess Kaguya” as well but nothing really spoilery. By the time I saw what parts they were showing in the documentary, it was too late to turn back ><;

      Howl's Moving Castle is probably my favorite but really, it's so hard to choose! I love Kiki's Delivery Service and Spirited Away as well. I can't wait for the Collected works of Hayao Miyazaki film box set to come out but I don't think I'm ready for that big of a whole in my pocket just to get it :'D

      What are your Studio Ghibli favorites? 😀


      • Oh, I enjoyed The Tale of Princess Kaguya- top-knotch animation right there *bows*, though I did feel sad during the ending. 😦

        My favorites at the moment are: Whisper of The Heart, Howl’s Moving Castle, Spirited Away, and Kiki’s Delivery Service. 🙂 But my list does change from time to time.

        Ughh honestly it’s so hard to pick my faves from Studio Ghibli- they just make such good movies! I could talk about their stuff all day.


      • I know what you mean XD My favorites tend to cycle around too.

        Every once in a while, I bring out Grave of the Fireflies thinking I’ll be okay with it. I always immediately regret it and end up going through that movie like a wreck because it’s just too sad and I still can’t handle it D:


  4. I didn’t know there was a documentary about Studio Ghibli! I’m a big Ghibli fan, so I’ll definitely check that out 🙂

    Ooh, Passion Planner looks really useful, and Viridi is such a cute idea for an app. And of course, dancing Pikachus are cute too! I’ve been seeing so many videos of dancing Pikachus lately. I think it’s some annual summer Pikachu event in Japan, so there’s been so many pictures and videos of it!


    • I went on a Youtube spiral looking at all the dancing Pikachu footage. And now they’re coming out with Pokemon GO!? I haven’t played a Pokemon game in a while and it’ll be fun to be able to play on my phone XD

      I hope you enjoy the documentary! It was interesting to see their creative process and after watching it, the randomness you find in Miyazaki’s films makes more sense. What are your fave Ghibli films? 😀


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