My Favorite Things: October 2015

It’s time for Raisa’s and Eirene’s link-up: My Favorite Things! 😀

September was a strange month for me.  My sleeping schedule has been off.  My tennis elbow started acting up so I had to keep icing it and letting my arm rest.  The weather kept bouncing back and forth from an annoying heat to out-of-no-where rain.  I had plenty of those days that just felt weird.  For all of that, I’ll just place the blame on Mercury being in retrograde >_>

If I was being honest, this was a month filled more with food cravings than favorites.  But then I really wouldn’t have craved them so much if they didn’t become favorites either.  Bah whatever, I’ll count it for both ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Mugicha or Roasted Barley Tea

barley mugicha

I’ve been craving coffee late at night because I can usually smell my neighbors brewing it at that time.  Living across a college usually makes it easy to tell when midterms or finals are by the fresh coffee I smell during the wee hours of the night.  But since my sleep is already messed up, I wanted something else to drink to satisfy my coffee cravings.  And then I found roasted barley tea!

When I first tried roasted barley tea or mugicha, it tasted like a really light coffee to me.  I was even more excited to find out that it was not caffeinated.  A trip to the Asian supermarket later, I brewed myself a large batch of mugicha to keep in the fridge.  It doesn’t taste much like coffee to me anymore but it’s still hits the spot for me during the hot days we’ve been having.

Garlic Shrimp

I had a bag of frozen shrimp in the freezer and I didn’t know what to do with it.  One day, I had a huuuuuge craving for garlic and so I went on a Youtube search for a garlic shrimp recipe.  To my excitement, I found one that is super easy to make. I didn’t have a bottle of capers or red paper flakes like in the recipe so I used Sriracha instead.

This is probably one of my favorite shrimp recipes now.  It was so good that I made it again the following day.  The shrimp was sweet and juicy.  The parsley and lemon juice really makes the dish fresh.  The garlic filled sauce was so good that I wiped it down with a slice of wheat toast.  I used this recipe over and over until I finally ran out of my frozen shrimp.

shrimpOoooohhhhh… I think I just drooled a little thinking about that garlic shrimp \(❛ڡ❛)/

Tablea Especial or Cocoa Tablets


I told you this was the month of cravings.  I must have been PMSing the whole month or something.  Aside for my constant want for garlic and coffee, I was craving chocolate.  Not just any chocolate.  I wanted dark really bitter chocolate.  I had a bag of Tablea Especial in the kitchen but it was too hot to make a drink out of it.  I got it from when my relatives were last in the Philippines and I was excited to finally put it to use.  Throw in my oddly specific cravings, I wanted to make a dark chocolate soufflé and truffles.  Inspired by ‘Because I Said So’ and ‘Chocolat’ and motivated by Aunt Flo, I made both :’D

souffle   truffles

I’m happy to report that the Tablea Especial was a lovely substitute for cocoa powder. I’m looking to perfect my soufflé technique now.  I just need to find my mixer because whipping egg whites by hand is a workout.

Tastemade + Erwan Heussaff

I recently made a Snapchat so two of my friends could send me pictures of their pets.  That was pretty much the only reason why I made it hahahaha XD But then I started watching Tastemade’s Snapchat and I love Erwan Heussaff’s recipes on it.  I may have also gotten a case of hair envy because I’m a sucker for perfectly tousled hair.  I never got it quite right when I used to have a pixie cut :’D

Well that’s it for now folks!  Now that October has started, a bunch of my favorite shows have also starting up again.  American Horror Story anyone?? 8D How can I deny myself watching Matt Bomer (another person with perfect hair) in something now that White Collar is over? ❤

Got any faves you’d like to share?  Hop on over to Raisa’s page and join in on the fun! 😀My Favorite Things: A Blog Linkup


6 thoughts on “My Favorite Things: October 2015

  1. LOVE MUGICHA, aka boricha for us Koreans! That’s my favourite alternative to water 😀 I grew up drinking that because my Korean grandma would always boil them. Oh, man, I’m being hit with nostalgia now. Now they sell those by the bottles in Korean stores, so I buy those often!

    And that garlic shrimp. HOLY COW. *drools*


    • I just boiled myself another big batch of mugicha last week! I’ll suffer through our current heat wave just so I can have this stuff cold and ready in the fridge hahaha XD


  2. Mailan says:

    FOOD! ❤ I must admit that the photos of garlic shrimp made my mouth water. Also, I can relate to the coffee thing at the wee hours. But in my case, it's the fresh smell of morning beard (We call it 'pan de sal' in the Philippines) from a nearby bakery that ridiculously wafts at midnight. It's a morning smell so whenever I smell it, I perk up when I should be getting cozy for bed. :')


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