My Favorite Things: December 2015

It’s December!!!  It’s time for sweater weather, hot chocolate, and watching holiday movies!  But before that, it’s time to jump back on my favorite things for Raisa’s and Eirene’s link-up 😀

Hamilton the Musical

I’ve been a fan of Lin-Manuel Miranda’s work after I listened to the ‘In the Heights’ and got the chance to see it live a while back ago.  Now, Miranda is back with a fresh new musical about one of the founding fathers of America- Alexander Hamilton.

I listened to the soundtrack for Hamilton the Musical and I am HOOKED!  The mix of broadway, hip-hop, and R&B is just genius.  The music is so catchy and full of energy.  I can only imagine what it would be like to see the show live.  And despite the story in the beginnings of America, the color-blind casting also just really makes me happy :’D  As Lin-Manuel Miranda explained, “This is a story about America then, told by America now.  It looks like America now.”

Highlights: King George’s break up song with America, “You’ll Be Back” and Thomas Jefferson’s “Whaaaaaaat”


Tales from the Borderlands

I’ve tripped and fallen back into the Pandora hell hole of Borderlands and I can’t get out :’D  I loved Borderlands 1 and 2.  I have yet to play the Pre-Sequel but it’s definitely on my list.  I loved the art style, pop culture references, and the ridiculous weapons (i.e. the gun that shoots swords -whaaaat?).


Gearbox was teamed up with Telltale to make ‘Tales from the Borderlands’ where you switch between playing as Rhys the company man and Fiona the con-artist as they each tell their sides of a story.  Watching the play throughs, I fell in love with Borderlands all over again.  The story is fun and surprisingly heart wrenching at times.  With Telltale’s game format, you really get to spend some time with the characters.  AND THE MUSIC!  Just like how ‘Ain’t No Rest for the Wicked’ by Cage the Elephant and ‘Short-Change Hero’ by The Heavy sealed the deal for me at the beginning of Borderlands 1 & 2, each episode of ‘Tales’ had the perfect song for their opening sequence.

Highlights: THE MUSIC!  Plus Loader bot and Gortys make the cutest robot duo there is! ❤

One Punch Man


What happens when a hero is already overpowered?  You get One Punch Man!  What started out as a simple online comic has turned into an amazingly illustrated manga and now, an anime.  One Punch Man is funny, exciting, and the animation is pretty great.  Plus, Saitama is a great motivator for working out hahaha XD

Highlights: Saitama vs. the mosquito and adorable cyborg baby Genos! ❤

Master of None

If you’ve read my previous favorites, then you already know that I’m a fan of Aziz Ansari.  So you can bet that I jumped on the premiere of Master of None on Netflix.  Netflix is seriously killing it with their shows.  Master of None is like a slice of life show that covers different topics such as parents, dating in this age, and media representation.  It’s a thoughtful comedy and if you’re familiar with Ansari’s work, you’ll notice familiar subject matters from his stand up or from his book.

Highlights: Dev loves pasta so much that he has a picture of it on his fridge.  His parents are also played by Aziz Ansari’s actual parents.

Well that’s it for now!  I wanted to squeeze in a blog post before the year ends and by chance I don’t blog about anything else, I wish you all a happy holiday and see you into the new year! 😀



3 thoughts on “My Favorite Things: December 2015

  1. I didn’t realize Gearbox and Telltale teamed up for a game! I played Borderlands 1 and 2 as well, though not the prequel. Tales from the Borderlands sounds interesting!

    Aahh, I really want to watch One Punch Man. I normally watch all of my Anime on Crunchyroll and stream from my game consoles, but this isn’t on it. I keep forgetting to watch it because of that, haha. I plan on getting around to it this month though!


  2. Huh, I’ll check out One Punch Man based on your rec and Raisa’s comment haha. I usually prefer seeing the musical first before listening to it but I might just budge and listen to Hamilton. Everyone is talking about it. I can’t seem to escape it haha.

    And man Netflix needs to stop, I don’t need to renew my subscription with them =/ But it looks like I do.


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