My Favorite Things: October 2015

It’s time for Raisa’s and Eirene’s link-up: My Favorite Things! 😀

September was a strange month for me.  My sleeping schedule has been off.  My tennis elbow started acting up so I had to keep icing it and letting my arm rest.  The weather kept bouncing back and forth from an annoying heat to out-of-no-where rain.  I had plenty of those days that just felt weird.  For all of that, I’ll just place the blame on Mercury being in retrograde >_>

If I was being honest, this was a month filled more with food cravings than favorites.  But then I really wouldn’t have craved them so much if they didn’t become favorites either.  Bah whatever, I’ll count it for both ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Mugicha or Roasted Barley Tea

barley mugicha

I’ve been craving coffee late at night because I can usually smell my neighbors brewing it at that time.  Living across a college usually makes it easy to tell when midterms or finals are by the fresh coffee I smell during the wee hours of the night.  But since my sleep is already messed up, I wanted something else to drink to satisfy my coffee cravings.  And then I found roasted barley tea!

When I first tried roasted barley tea or mugicha, it tasted like a really light coffee to me.  I was even more excited to find out that it was not caffeinated.  A trip to the Asian supermarket later, I brewed myself a large batch of mugicha to keep in the fridge.  It doesn’t taste much like coffee to me anymore but it’s still hits the spot for me during the hot days we’ve been having.

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My Favorite Things: September 2015

August was filled with hot and humid days that I felt like I was melting in the car each time I had to go somewhere.  My car AC is broken and so the struggle of wearing shorts, having leather seats, and sitting through traffic lead to a constant dehydration after sweating out most of my water.  Just as Edward Bloom said in the movie Big Fish, “I was drying out.” :’D

Summer is finally winding down and so while I enjoy the temporary reprieve from the heat, here are a few of My Favorite Things from the past month!

Kingdom of Dreams and Madness

Kingdom of Dreams and Madness is a documentary that gives you an inside look into Studio Ghibli’s history and Miyazaki’s animation process.  I have been a long time fan both and so I was really excited to see this up on Netflix.  This was filmed during the making of The Wind Rises and so there are some spoilers for that if you haven’t seen that yet.

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My Favorite Things: August 2015

I can’t believe July came and went like it was nothing.  Now that August is here, it’s time to join in the fun with Raisa’s and Eirene’s link-up: “My Favorite Things”.  This post also ended up much longer than I anticipated ^^; So here are a few of my favorites, in no particular order 😀

Aziz Ansari’s Modern Romance

azizbook Aziz Ansari is one of my favorite comedians.  And if you’ve seen some of his stand-up, the subject of the book is a familiar one: modern romance.  Now this isn’t your typical humor book.  Modern Romance is more so a sociological study with an extra side of wit. This book brings a little insight into what the dating struggles are like these days. Aziz Ansari partnered up with NYU sociologist Eric Klinenberg to design and conduct a study on modern romance with the constant change in technology and the ever growing presence of social media.  It’s a large topic to cover in 300 pages but I think they did pretty well with what they narrowed their research down to.

Since I tend to multitask, I opted for the six hour audiobook while I worked one day.  Being able to hear Ansari’s delivery with the jokes in the book was great but I did miss out on some informative graphs and pictures.  I’ll have to read the book one of these days to see them.

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